What You Will Learn

This comprehensive course has been designed to suit the needs of novice students, or those already certified who want to freshen up their skills. This course will take approximately 30 hours of lessons and 8 hours of practicum - but you are free to work at your own pace. - but you are free to work at your own pace.

  • Identifying nail disorders

  • Salon disinfection protocols

  • Gentle natural nail preparation

  • Luxio© colour gel applications

  • Gentle and non-damaging removals

  • Making the most of Luxio© gel for long lasting results

Complete Course Cost

Price includes education fee + kit.


Pure Luxury in a Bottle.

Luxio© is Canadian made, and internationally adored . Luxio© has earned its formidable reputation as a global leader in professional-only gel colour. Luxio© features incredible pigmentation that allows for the nails to be coated in saturated, rich pigmented colour. The Luxio© formula is lasting, ensuring manicures stay perfect for longer. Not only does Luxio© provide durable gel colour, but it also protects and coats the natural nail - featuring a pure 100% gel formula without any drying solvents or additives. Natural nails stay healthy and undamaged, with correct application.
akzentz luxio gel polish gloss